A Poem

D.A. Harvey
Oct 11, 2022


Photo by Daniel Radford on Unsplash

Swinging as high as we could, back in the day, we thought we’d touch the sky.
We’d jump from our seats, catapulted by dreams of being “big” one day.
When I’m “big”, we’d say, I’m going to be, filling in random things that only a child dreams.
Our idea of “big” seemed, so far away. And it was, as we’d count the days
Summer vacation, then graduation after graduation. Occasions that were once in the future, are now a reality.
As friends and family grow, both old and distant,
They fade like all of the dreams we once had.
There’s no participation badge, when you grow up.
There are only long lists of “big” people tasks.
As we force our way to and from jobs, wishing we had a chance to go back.
To being small and free.



D.A. Harvey

Photographer-Writer-Mentor I'm attempting to live life on my terms using the freedom of creativity. My goal is to live life without the fear of failure.